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Welcome to Krushi Disha Agrotech Pvt. Ltd

Krushi Disha Agrotech Pvt. Ltd Manufacturer of Green House & Net House is one of leading Greenhouse manufacturer, has wide range of Greenhouse suitable for every type of Crop and Geographical Location. The firm is based in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) and in a way to expand its business in all region of India. We handle turn key projects on Development of Completer Green House from start till the end. We manage and guide in all activities that took place in developing in an appropriate Green House.

About Green House :

A greenhouse is a structure in which plants are grown.  Greenhouses protect crops from too much heat or cold and help to keep out pests. Light and temperature control allows greenhouses to give ideal conditions for plants to give optimum yield. Hence, the quality & quantity of the yield is 5 to 10 times as compared to open farming.

Usage :

Greenhouses are used for growing various varieties of flowers, vegetables & fruits. The closed environment of a greenhouse provides artificial weather conditions to plants and have their own unique requirements as compared to outdoor production. It controls pests & diseases; extremes of heat and humidity; and provides water through drip irrigation.

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